Hurricane Update:

As some of you know I live in the Katy, Texas, area and we have been hit very hard with “Harvey”  The catastrophic storm has brought so much devastation to the Houston  and surrounding areas and it is still wrecking havoc!  It has now moved to the east Texas area and parts of Louisiana!  These last few days have been spent glued to the TV for updates and listening to the pounding rain and wondering if it was going to come into the house!  Today it was sunshiny outside and no RAIN!!

I want to thank all my friends and family for all the beautiful birthday messages, texts, and calls yesterday that made my day so special!! Even despite the devastation of “Harvey” I felt and feel very blessed that my daughter, sister, brother, niece and Brett and myself were all safe and dry during this horrendous time of flooding 😇 So many of my friends have not been as fortunate and my heart is so sad for them. I did have a nice birthday as the sun came out in the afternoon and brightened spirits!! Again thank you all for thinking of me on my birthday and please continue to keep Houston, Katy, and surrounding areas in your prayers! Love you all

I’ll be back with a new card to share tomorrow.  Remember the new Holiday Catalog starts Sept. 1st, so if you would like a copy please let me know so I can get one to you.



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